SWE 430 Instructions

Each example and exercise has an associated environment. The environment allows you to work through the examples interactively; building the same software as in the examples. The environment runs entirely within your web browser; there is no need to install any software. Likewise, for the exercises, the environments allow you to complete the exercises without having to install any software on your computer.

For each example, open the environment and use it to work each step of the example as you read through it. It is important that you actually work through the example yourself, typing each step of the test and production CoffeeScript code and running your unit tests each time you make a change. The examples were designed to be worked out, not merely read through. If you take the time to work the examples, you will be well prepared to complete the exercises on which you will be graded. You will also need the appropriate environment to work each exercise. The exercises are graded. When you complete each exercise, you will turn in your modified test code and production code CoffeeScript files (the files ending in .coffee) or the jsbin identifiers in the corresponding assignment link on blackboard.

Local zip Environment or Web-based jsbin Environment

You have the option of using one of two environments. There is a local zip file environment as well as an alternative web-based environment using jsbin. For instructions using the zip environment, see zip Environment Instructions. For instructions using jsbin, see jsbin Instructions. Either use the .zip file environment or the jsbin environment---you only need one. I'm providing the alternative jsbin environments for those who may be stuck using Internet Explorer 8 and Notepad. If that is your situation, and you find it onerous working through the examples and exercises, you may enjoy jsbin more. It essentially provides an integrated, web-based text editor and console. If you have a reasonable text editor, it will likely be easier to use the .zip file environment, as all the files will be local and you will not have to deal with network latency.

Lyall Jonathan Di Trapani 04 Apr 2013