Hebrews 10

This chapter is the pinnacle of Hebrews.

Hebrews 10:1 1 The law is just a shadow of the good that was to come, and not the actual reality. So it can never through the repeated sacrifices offered year after year make right those who come to worship God.

Again it say the law is just a shadow of the new covenant of the grace of Jesus Christ. Doing the works of the law can never make us right with God. This explicitly ties the sacrifices from the previous chapter to the law.

Hebrews 10:2 2 Otherwise wouldn't the sacrifices have stopped being offered? If the worshipers had been made clean once and for all, they wouldn't have had guilty consciences any longer.

Notice God's desired end state for use is to be free of a guilty conscience. A guilty conscience is the evidence that one has not been made clean. Under the new covenant we are free of a guilty conscience when we have faith in Jesus.

Hebrews 10:3 3 But in fact those sacrifices remind people of sins year after year,

Doing the works of the law actually reminds us of our sins. Here are 3 other verses that talk about the purpose of the law:

Romans 3:20 For no one is made right before God by doing what the law requires. The law only helps us recognize what sin really is.

Galatians 3:19 What was the point of the law, then? It was added to show what wrongdoing really is, until the son came to whom the promise had been made. The law was put in place by angels through the hand of a mediator.

Galatians 3:23-26 23 Before we trusted in Jesus we remained in the custody of the law until this way of trusting was revealed. 24 The law was our guardian until Christ came, so that we could be made right by trusting him. 25 But now this way of trusting Jesus has come, we no longer need such a guardian. 26 For you are all God's children through your trust in Christ Jesus.

Hebrews 10:4 4 because it's impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to remove sins.

Hebrews 10:5 5 That's why when Christ came into the world he said, "You didn't want sacrifices or offerings, but you did prepare a body for me.

His body was meant to be our sin offering. He offered His own body for the forgiveness of our sins.

Hebrews 10:6 6 Burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin gave you no pleasure.'

God wasn't interested in the animal sacrifices directly. He only established them as a pointer to the real thing; Jesus Christ.

Hebrews 10:7 7 Then I said, 'God, see I've come to do what you want me to do, just as it says about me in the book.'"

This is what God really wanted; the work that Jesus did on the cross to pay for all our sins and make us right with God. So that we would become God's children and draw near to him as His beloved because we have no more fear due from our former guilt.

Hebrews 10:8-9 8 As mentioned above, "You didn't want sacrifices or offerings, and burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin gave you no pleasure," (even though they are offered in accordance with the law's requirements). 9 Then he said, "See, I've come to do what you want." He gets rid of the first agreement so he can set up the second,

The old covenant has been replaced by the new covenant.

Hebrews 10:10 10 through which we all are made holy through Jesus Christ offering his body once and for all time.

The law was powerless to make any of us perfect and holy. But Jesus made us ALL perfect and holy through His work on the cross! He fulfilled the law on our behalf so we no longer live under the law but under the grace of Jesus Christ. Instead of being constantly reminded of our sin, we are constantly reminded of our righteousness.

Hebrews 10:11-39 11 Every priest officiates in the services day after day, again and again offering the same sacrifices that can never remove sins. 12 But this Priest, after he had offered a single sacrifice for sins that lasts forever, sat down at God's right hand. 13 Now he waits until all his enemies are conquered, becoming like a footstool for him. 14 For by a single sacrifice he has set right forever those who are being made holy. 15 As the Holy Spirit also tells us, for having said, 16 "This is the agreement that I will make with them later on, says the Lord. I will put my laws in their hearts, and I will write them in their minds." Then he adds, 17 "I won't remember their sins and lawlessness anymore." 18 Once free from such things, sin offerings are no longer needed. 19 Now we have the confidence, brothers and sisters, to enter the Most Holy Place by the blood of Jesus. 20 Through his life and death,c he opened up a brand-new, living way through the veil to God. 21 Since we have such a great priest placed in charge over the house of God, 22let us come close to God with sincere minds, totally trusting in him. Our minds have been sprinkled to purify them from our evil way of thinking, and our bodies have been washed clean by pure water. 23 So let us hold onto the hope we're telling others about, never hesitating, for God who promised is trustworthy. 24 Let's think about how we can motivate one another to love and to do what is good. 25 We should not give up meeting together, as some have done. In fact we should be encouraging one another, especially as you see the Endd approaching. 26 For if we deliberately go on sinning after we've understood the truth, there's no longer any sacrifice for sins. 27 All that's left is fear, expecting the impending judgment and the terrible fire that destroys those who are hostile to God. 28 Someone who rejects the law of Moses is put to death without mercy on the evidence of two or three witnesses. 29 How much worse do you think someone will deserve their punishment if they have trampled underfoot the Son of God, if they have disregarded the blood that sealed the agreement and makes us holy, treating it as ordinary and trivial, and have abused the Spirit of grace? 30 We know God, and he said, "I will make sure that justice is done; I will give people what they deserve." He also said, "The Lord will judge his people." 31 It's terrifying to come under the power of the living God. 32 Just remember the past when, after you understood the truth,e you experienced a great deal of suffering. 33 Sometimes you were made a spectacle of, being insulted and attacked; at other times you stood in solidarity with those who were suffering. 34 You showed your sympathy for those in prison, and took it cheerfully when your possessions were confiscated, knowing that you have something better coming that will truly last. 35 So don't lose your confidence in God---it will be richly rewarded. 36 You need to be patient so that having done what God wants, you'll receive what he has promised. 37 "In just a little while he will come, as he said---he won't delay. 38 Those who do what is right will live by trusting in God, and if they draw back from their commitment, I won't be pleased with them."a 39 But we're not the kind of people who draw back and end up being lost. We are those who trust in God to save us.

(All verses from the Free Bible Version Bible)

Author: Lyall Jonathan Di Trapani 18 Jan 2015