22 April 2013

Quiet Spirit

1 Peter 3 Wives, likewise, submit to your own husbands. Do this so that even if some of them refuse to believe the word, they may be won without a word by their wives' way of life. 2 After all, they will have observed the reverent and holy manner of your lives. 3 Don't try to make yourselves beautiful on the outside, with stylish hair or by wearing gold jewelry or fine clothes. 4 Instead, make yourselves beautiful on the inside, in your hearts, with the enduring quality of a gentle, peaceful spirit. This type of beauty is very precious in God's eyes.

The previous verses were not written to forbid us of wearing make-up or nice clothes. Those verses are meant to bring peace to our hearts. In other words, what God is telling us is: "Do not trust on your make-up or your efforts to win your husband. Instead, believe and rest in Jes

I remember as growing up. I observed my mom get ready to receive my dad from work. She always made sure that her hair, nails and clothes would all look good for him. I tried to follow her example when I got married. I always made sure to look good for my husband. I trusted in my own efforts to win my husband's heart. The first 3 years of marriage I was able to keep up taking care of my self, the house and the kitchen. My ability to take care of my self was hindered when we had our first baby. First of all, when we got pregnant, I gained many, many, many pounds. So my silhouette completely changed. Then, when my baby was born I was tired most of the time. I had very little time to do something other than taking care of my baby. Time to shower I considered it a luxury! Time to shop for nice clothes was out of the question. There were many times that I felt anxious because I was not able to look nice when my husband was back from work. I was afraid to lose his interest in me. By the way, when I am anxious or afraid I do not necessarily have a gentle and quiet spirit.

The reason why I was feeling so anxious and afraid was because I forgot about an important piece of our marriage. I forgot that God was the one who brought us together. He is the one who sustains our marriage! (Colossians 1:17) Thanks be to Jesus that my marriage is not dependent on my efforts to look good neither on my efforts to do everything right. My marriage is dependent on Jesus' efforts at the cross! I've heard that a good marriage does not happen by accident. Well, I believe that I am not the one who should work to make my marriage work because Jesus payed the price to redeem my marriage from the curse of destruction. He made the effort and the work to hold my marriage together.

When we trust that our marriages are held together by the work of Jesus at the cross, we can have peace. The peace in Christ will cause us to have a quiet spirit. When we trust in the work of Jesus at the cross, there is no need to strive to get our husband to do what is right. Instead, we can rest because we know that Jesus already did what is right. When we trust in Jesus, we will not struggle to win our husband with our own efforts. Instead, we will be resting in the victory that Jesus has already given us. We can only have a gentle spirit when we are in a position of rest.

My dear readers, having a gentle spirit and submitting to our husbands was not meant to be made a work. We who are in Christ are called to live by faith not by works. When we live believing that Jesus' work at the cross is more than enough, then submitting to our husbands will be a piece of cake. On the other hand, When we depend on our own efforts to win our husbands, we may become bitter and angry, which is the contrary of having a gentle spirit. Today, I encourage you to turn to Jesus and rest in his finished work.

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