Motherhood is the way God used to redeem my childhood. When I am caring for my son, I feel like a little girl playing with her doll. When I am getting his food ready, I feel like a little girl playing on her kitchen preparing little meals for him. When I hold him in my arms, I feel as if my heavenly daddy bought me the most expensive doll ever.

I love to spend time with my son, give him baths, dress him up, take him for walks, take pictures of him and make him smile. Sometimes, I think I am spending time with my son so he won't feel lonely but I think that God had a plan for me so I would not feel lonely when my husband is at work. I often think that I make funny noises and faces to make him laugh. But the reality is that God planned it so I could laugh like never before. God has redeemed my childhood and hardships by giving me so many happy moments with my son. Those sweet moments outnumber the sad moments in my life.

I have to say that I have the best daddy in the world for giving me the best "doll" in the universe! He is an unique and an exclusive model. I love my baby boy Vincent. Born in October 22nd 2012.

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