16 July 2014


I used to think captivity meant diseases, adictions, poverty but above all SIN! However, the Bible defines captivity as being subjects to the law; the old covenant.

Galatians 4:23 Now all this is an allegory; these [two women] represent two covenants. One covenant originated from Mount Sinai [where the Law was given] and bears [children destined] for slavery; this is Hagar. 25 Now Hagar is (stands for) Mount Sinai in Arabia and she corresponds to and belongs in the same category with the present Jerusalem, for she is in bondage together with her children.

Notice God compares Hagar with Mount sinai; where the law was given. It also tells us that she (Hagar, the law, Mount Sinai) bears children for slavery and bondage. This verses prove my captivity theory wrong. When God speaks of captivity, He speaks of those who still depend on their own works for salvation, justification, holiness and righteousness.

When God opened my eyes to receive his unmerited favor, I felt as if I was living a dream. I could hardly believe God was so good! I used to wonder, Does God really wants me to cast the slave woman--Hagar, The Law, Mount Sinai out of my life? In other words, Does he really wants me to be free of guilt? Can I really stop punishing myself for my mistakes?

It was so unreal for me to think God's will for my life was not to do more works but to embrace, by faith, Christ has made me right through His work-- not my works. It was hard for me to believe God wanted me to come to the mountain of Grace; Zion and run away from the Mountain of the Law; Sinai.

I was dead in my sin. I was a prissoner of guilt. Yet, God came to tell me, "I want you to believe no matter how many shortcomings you have, or how many times you didn't follow the law, you are forgiven, justified, made right, acquitted from guilt. The reason why is my Son took the punishment you deserved. Because of Him you are counted as righteous and blameless." This news are like telling someone sentenced to death "your debt has been paid. Now you are free." David described the extasis of knowing this truth better than I.

Psalm 125: 1 When the Lord brought back the captives [who returned] to Zion, we were like those who dream [it seemed so unreal]. 2 Then were our mouths filled with laughter, and our tongues with singing. Then they said among the nations, The Lord has done great things for them. 3 The Lord has done great things for us! We are glad! 4 Turn to freedom our captivity and restore our fortunes, O Lord, as the streams in the South (the Negeb) [are restored by the torrents].

God has given us a reason to rejoice and laugh out loud! He has brought us back from Mount Sinai to mount Zion! There is forgiveness on this mountain. Cast out condemnation! Cast out the works mentality.

If you think you are in captivity because you have an addiction, sin, disease, poverty or bad habbits. I have good news for you; Christ brought you out of captivity. Regardless of your actions you have been made right and justified through the blood of Christ. Rejoice! Those are good news! Yes, stop punishing yourself. Christ bore your punishment! Yes, God forgives even that sin you are feeling guilty about. It has been washed away! He even washed away the sins you have not commited yet. His work is greater than yours.

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