Sarah's Choice'

Sarah's Choice


Sofia Di Trapani

"Stupid storm!" Sarah complained as she tossed and turned. Suddenly, her dark room was lit-up by the lightning trespassing through her thick curtains. Then, she saw Nathan, her fiancée, laying next to her. He was sleeping as hard as a rock with a smile on his face.

As she contemplated the lightning concert inside her bedroom, a nauseating feeling slowly overwhelmed her.

The rumbling noises of her stomach turned into an intense urge to throw up. She ran to the bathroom and after she was done, the thought of being pregnant started to worm its way into her consciousness. With only the night light on she opened the unused box. Then, minutes later she had to turn on the light. There it was: A blue ring. Her heart turned again in her chest. She unwrapped another stick. Another blue ring. Twenty minutes made her a mother to be.

As she held the pregnancy test in her hand, memories of her past failures, feelings of regret, and the accusing voices of her parents began to race through her mind. Afraid Nathan would leave her if he would found out about her past, she decided to keep her pregnancy secret until she knew for sure Nathan would still marry her despite her past.

At dawn, with a heavy heart, Sarah walked back to her room, and sat on the foot of her soft bed.

“Nathan,” she whispered.

With a smile on his face, Nathan woke up and looking at Sarah said, “Good morning beautiful.”

“Hi,” said Sarah.

“Are you Okay?” he asked.

“Our wedding is two months away,” she said.

“I know, on your 42nd birthday. It's exciting,” he said.

“I just want you to be sure you still want to marry me. There is something about my past you don't know,” Sarah replied while she looked away.

Honey, we all have a past. I have a past too,” said Nathan as he drew her close to him.

Sarah let her hands fall on her lap as she said, “Yeah, but my past is unforgivable.”

You can tell me anything you want. It won't change how I feel for you,“ Nathan reassured her as he kissed her cheek.

Taking a deep breath Sarah said, “It's a long story. Why don't we talk while we have our morning tea?”

Nathan nodded.

Sitting at the counter dividing the kitchen from the living room, Sarah served some tea and said, I was 16 when I rebelled against my parents. They were very religious and strict. Being important leaders at their church, they taught me all they knew about God's law. The Ten Commandments were my daily bread. 'Thou shall not lie, steal, fornicate, kill...' My parents did everything in their power to protect me from worldly influences: No television, no music, no dressing inappropriately, no going to parties, and no drinking. Church members admired my parents for imposing wise rules upon me. The problem with those rules was they had no power to save me from my own desires.”

Nathan caressed Sarah's cheek and said, “I can understand how you felt. My parents were strict too.”

She held her tears back and squeezed Nathan's hand as she said, “One night, my friends were hosting a party at their house. So I escaped while my parents were sleeping. At the party, I met a guy,”

Sarah took a shuttering breath, “Long story short, we got drunk. I was drunk to the point I don't remember much of what happened that night. All I remember was the guy and I were kissing. A month later, I found out I was pregnant.”

Jokingly he said, “You got pregnant from kissing?”

Sarah smiled.

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