26 Months

Vincent is learning to run, hop and talk. His new favorite words are "I" for "Ice cream," and "Cookie." He has added more sentences and words to his vocabulary. It's hard to count them now. My favorite words to hear him say are "Kaku" or "Kex" for "Thank you" or "Thanks", "mamma", "Oh no!" and "Amo" for "love" in Spanish. He is such a joy to be around. There is not a single day I don't look forward to get up and kiss him good morning.

The Bible says that in the new covenant, God is the one who teaches us about His love and grace. I Whole heartedly believe God is teaching him about grace because he is a sweet, loving boy and all of it has come without us trying hard to teach him.

When we dedicated Vincent at church, we were advised to teach him about God. The truth is my life is so busy and I don't get much time to have "Quiet time," yet Vincent listens to sermons of Pastor Joseph Prince almost every day. Sometimes, I don't even put him on but Vincent asks me to play his sermons. He calls him "pi." I believe, his soul understands God's word and His love for him. That's how I realize when we, the parents, receive the finished work of Christ and relax God takes over and works. Vincent is learning to believe Jesus has made him right, accepted, holy and blameless.

Enjoy a few photos of our family session.

Next time, I'll try to get us all in the picture. This time didn't work. A behind the scenes photo.

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